The demand for headphones has always been high since the days of mobile cassette players, however since the introduction of wireless technology into the world, there has been a surge in demand for wireless headphones.

The major and obvious difference between standard head phones and wireless ones are the cable that connects the device/computer to the headset will be wireless. This means that the headphones will need their own power source, unlike the wired headphones which are usually powered via the device through the cable.

There are many different wireless earbuds on the market all for different uses and situations. The high end wireless headphones are usually rechargeable via USB and have a microphone. Wireless earbuds are very similar to headphones, just that they are more compact and not as bulky. Avid music fans and gamers usually go for a quality headset because they will spend so much time with this accessory that they feel it makes sense to choose something that can provide them with a great experience.

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